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Workplace Design and Procurement ...
Through our commercial links with a number of blue chip companies we have developed an independent, proven process for workplace design and procurement.

Aspect believe that no single manufacturer is capable of providing the best desking, seating, screens or storage systems. Our clients have benefited from the impartial approach to the market, encompassing an extensive product knowledge and our ability to package a first class solution. This enables Aspect to complete the process by obtaining first rate products at competitive prices.
The workplace consultancy is phased as follows:
  • A survey of the existing workplace is undertaken to document and analyse functions, communication pathways, departmental agencies, voice and data distribution and final storage usage.
  • A survey of the premises is conducted to determine and document all physical constraints to be accommodated alongside space planning considerations. This will incorporate company plans for expansion or consolidation.
  • Construct a CAD produced furniture layout document, to inform initial discussions.
  • Document a range of furniture solutions with accurate budgets for consideration by the client.
Once the workplace consultancy process is complete and procurement decisions have been finalised, Aspect will:
  • Place procurement orders with the supply chain.
  • Create a schedule of deliveries in conjunction with any other company activities or fit out work as applicable.
  • Assume complete responsibility for management of the installation process, and where necessary undertake post installation user training.
  • Where applicable assume move management responsibility for existing files and IT equipment.
  • Reconcile final accounts against product supplied and installed.
  • Ensure all warranties/guarantees are in place.
  • Undertake a final product inspection and sign off.